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Project Management Consultancy / Owner’s Engineer

As your technical advisors, we keep a vigilant eye on your solar plant development. We evaluate each aspect against our stringent quality parameters and provide expert interventions to streamline execution and maximize production.

As an Owner's Engineer, we work as your technical consultant to make sure that you get the maximum out of your investment. We guide you through the complete process of project feasibility, financial analysis, bid process management, vendor finalization and supervision of project execution up till successful project commissioning along our strict quality parameters.

As your technical consultant, with years of experience in domestic as well as international markets, we bring global best practices and industry standards to the table. Many of these technical udpates and best processes may not have been adopted by your EPC contractor yet, especially given the pace of technological advancements in the field. Our intervention helps in ensuring the viability of suggested technology and processes thus mitigating risks.

We expedite the development of the project by taking the role of a moderator and helping with conflict resolution between various participants, providing knowledge and knowhow where necessary, and helping with decision making at unclear junctions. We assist you in the following areas:

Pre-Feasibility Study
  • Site selection study
  • Assessment of local solar irradiation energy
  • Global and incident irradiation
  • Ambient temperature
  • Database Meteonorm
  • Comparison and model adjustment with other database
  • Basic engineering design for initial plant layout
  • Preparation of DPR
  • Estimate of inter-annual variability of solar irradiation
  • Evaluation of hardware and electrical layout
  • Detailed estimate of losses and system performance ratio
  • Estimate of energy production and performance ratio of partial and total PV plant units including monthly yield
  • Assessment of uncertainties and exceedance probability
  • Initial project cost estimate
Construction Management
  • Review of project milestone / project schedule
  • Review of quality plan, standards, certifications & site test report
  • Review of site execution drawings / documents
  • Erection supervision of different equipment at site
  • Review of different test procedure followed by EPC contractor
  • Witness performance testing for provisional acceptance test
  • Witness performance testing for final acceptance test
  • Review test results conducted by EPC contractor
    Design Review
  • Design review for best yield
  • Calculation reviews
  • Review of design proposed by EPC contractor / other vendors
  • String design calculation review
  • Inverter design calculation review
  • Wiring layouts review
  • DC / AC losses review
  • Transformer station review
  • Yield estimate calculation review
    Operation and Maintenance Support
  • Review of O&M manual, procedures and best practices prepared by EPC contractor / O&M partner
  • Review & analyze monthly yield
  • Review monthly report
    Technology/Vendor Selection
  • Selection of appropriate technology (PV modules, inverters, wiring, etc. ) for shortlisted location / site
  • Vendor selection
  • Selection of suitable vendors for the chosen technology

Other Services


Stemming from our extensive experience, we provide you a flawless engineering solution that minimizes losses, improves efficacy and maximizes yield. We make sure that you reap the most out of your investment.


For financial institutes, investing in solar projects, our experts conduct a neutral audit to check the health of your investment. We identify risks and suggest corrective action to minimize threats to your investment.


With our extensive experience in design and installation of high-capacity power plants across the country, we leverage our experience and know-how to develop the most cost-effective and energy efficient solar plants for you.


As your independent auditors, we run sophisticated tests on your plants to make sure they are operating in the most optimal way. We suggest preventive actions to safeguard against future threats.


We train corporates and students on leading-edge solar technologies and facilitate early adoption by bringing them up to speed. Our training bridges the gaps in education and prepares you to deal with on-ground challenges.