Solar is For Everyone

Sometimes, Businesses can be as fragile as Energy – if you don’t find a fresh and renewable source, they may soon wear off. Today, Solar Power not only holds the promise of a fresh, abundant and clean source of energy, it also offers an extremely lucrative and safe investment/business opportunity. To make up for the current energy deficit and future demand, numerous initiatives are being undertaken by the government to promote deployment of Solar Energy projects across the country. The government has set huge targets for solar power capacity addition in the near future and is supporting the cause with attractive financial and taxation benefits. Therefore, if you are an investor, this is the perfect time and opportunity to puts your money in solar power.

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Why Solar Consultant?

Your decision to invest in Solar Energy is the first step towards a lucrative investment; however that’s not enough. Solar Energy PV plants require due diligence, a robust technical design and meticulous project planning. Also, since the industry is at a nascent stage, most project management companies thrive on their EPC experience rather than their experience in Solar. What you need is a Perfect Workable Design. Minor deviation from the optimal design can significantly impact the performance of your plant and reduce return on investment. Over the years, this can snowball into a substantial amount. Thus, you need to partner with the right consulting firm that has perfected the art of solar PV plant design and deployment.

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Our Services


Stemming from our extensive experience, we provide you a flawless engineering solution that minimizes losses, improves efficacy and maximizes yield. We make sure that you reap the most out of your investment.

Project Managment

As your technical advisor, we keep a vigilant eye on your solar plant development. We evaluate every aspect of your plant against our stringent quality parameters to streamline execution and maximize production.


For financial institutes, investing in solar projects, our experts conduct a neutral audit to check the health of your investment. We identify risks and suggest corrective action to minimize threats to your investment.


With our extensive experience in design and installation of high-capacity power plants across the country, we leverage our experience and know-how to develop the most cost-effective and energy efficient solar plants for you.


As your independent auditors, we run sophisticated tests on your plants to make sure they are operating in the most optimal way. We suggest preventive actions to safeguard against future threats.


We train corporates and students on leading-edge solar technologies and facilitate early adoption by bringing them up to speed. Our training bridges the gaps in education and prepares you to deal with on-ground challenges.

Solar Potential Of India

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